The value of the product and user experience both pros and cons



[editor’s note] this article is published in @Samael’s handsome personal blog, and everyone knows that both product value and user experience are important. Some people say that product value is king, some people say that the user experience is king, then the relationship between product value and user experience is what kind of


we can use QQ, Fetion, WeChat, rice chat and other examples of contact with you to see: product value is greater than the user experience, the user experience determines the success or failure of this argument.

for products, especially Internet products, almost every other time a new concept, and tried to explain the whole of the product with this concept. Some Internet critics also strive to find a successful formula, the user experience is king, the channel is king, the content is king… These concepts are generated and carried forward on this basis. Product

The design and development of

from scratch, until the front pushed to the user, has experienced a lot of complex processes and procedures, and is not a simple word can describe clearly, clearly the success of the product does not rely on one or two words to explain.

user experience is king, the channel is king, content is king, although in some stages of product development is correct, but in general, can not escape the suspicion of a cover point. What is the most important thing to make a product,


to explain the problem, we first need to know what the product is:

means the product is able to provide to the market, people use and consumption, and can meet the needs of some people anything, including tangible goods and intangible services, organizations, or a combination of the


can see from the definition that the primary value of the product lies in meeting some of the needs of the people, and that is the most important aspect of the product:

if the product can not meet the needs of users, users will not use, this product will lose the meaning of existence.

around the product all the way to profit is out of the question. The value of the product to the user is the foundation of the product and the basis of all commercial activities. Simply cite several examples of products whose value is greater than the user experience:



QQ launched the first very rough, function is very simple, but why develop? Because of its unique value, and mail it compared with real-time interactive communication, this unique and great value so that it can be developed quickly.

Fetion and QQ:

in the field of instant messaging, QQ a big situation, Fetion can exist until now, because for users, Fetion has a unique value, Fetion can send text messages to the mobile phone free – >!

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