Single mobile game lost

" who now do single ah, do mobile phone online games, online games make money! " entrepreneur Wang Yu told reporters, he said the creation of corn tree technology is the first unit of mobile phone games, the 3,4, the total amount of users has more than one million, but in the Wang Yu camp in the process of discovery of stand-alone game is not good money, only by way of advertising profit, barely team operation. When you see the tap4fun, Chengdu Digital Sky these companies rely on a network game soar after tens of millions of monthly income, Wang Yu still decided to develop mobile phone games, after nearly half a year, a new online games will be on the line, Wang Yu’s experience is very representative, now teahouse entrepreneurs as long as the mobile phone game all the talk about online games, online games for only to have a future, can make a lot of money.

mobile phone online business "good vision"

single game short development cycle, low Arup value of pay rate, amount of users have at least one million will have a good income, the network game development cycle is long, the initial investment is high, pay rate is low, high Arup value, there are ten thousand active users monthly income can be hundreds of thousands, the comparison of the fire a few tens of millions of monthly income is the mobile phone network game. Both a natural contrast, many entrepreneurs are starting from the mobile phone games, but unfortunately, most of the business only saw a high income after the success of the mobile phone games, but did not see the accumulation and investment success on the road.

mobile phone online games with traditional Webpage Game and the end of the tour is essentially the same, and mobile phone network game at present the quality of more and more to catch up with the trend of the game ", a large end of the tour development may need to invest at least 2,3 years after the listing of more than 10 million, if successful, is enough to eat 5-10. Such a grand legend, NetEase’s Fantasy Westward Journey, about web game development for 12-18 months, investment in about 3 million, after the listing if the response is good enough to eat 2-3, heart game immortal, Sohu tour Denon eight are typical examples. Mobile phone network game has just begun, the life cycle is currently unable to determine, but is estimated to be even shorter than Webpage Game, probably need a product development for half a year, the initial investment of about 1 million, if the line after the global issue, it should be possible to tens of millions of monthly income.


problem is, you do a Mobile Games youaresuretosucceed? In the field of online mobile phone may be more in line with the rule of 19, only 10% of the Mobile Games products may get a good income, and a much larger number of products in the first half of the line that is hard to develop after death. But this time you have spent half a year and a modest investment.

single game profit gateway

compared to online games, stand-alone game has more distinctive features, a part-time entrepreneur in Chengdu, a person in the evening and weekend time in less than a month to develop a stand-alone hand

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