See WeWork for young entrepreneurs to build the dormitory WeLive almost to the minute bag

in October last year, the United States will jointly WeWork space public record office in the space of the company together, announced the launch of WeLive services flat-share packaged with office space and living accommodation. After a lapse of more than half a year, yesterday (April 4th) WeWork officially announced the launch of WeLive services, at the same time, second WeWork located in the Washington suburbs crystal city also yesterday officially opened the application.

Fastcompany reported, in fact, as early as January of this year, WeWork began trial operation of this new business in New York Wall Street No. 110 building had been devastated by Hurricane Sandy in the building, the building covers an area of three thousand square feet (279 square meters), the WeWork re decoration, WeLive space looks like this:


Wall Street 110 WeLive space

at that time, a total of 80 employees in the joint office of WeWork employees in the first test of the 45 apartments, the apartment can accommodate a total of 600 tenants of the 20.


WeLive room is divided into studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and more room suites, each room is equipped with an independent kitchen and at least one independent toilet. In addition to the ordinary residential function, WeLive tenants can use a comprehensive mobile phone App community supporting the fitness classes, potlucks, cleaning, laundry and other services.


on every floor there is a public activity area including yoga activity rooms and a small cinema, at the same time, each WeLive apartment and a community manager, helping organize tenants who held various in week fellowship party, such as board games, what the song.


MARGARET RHODES reporters for the first time to visit the site of a WeLive apartment, this apartment with an approximately 450 square feet (42 square meters) studio, studio rents for $2 thousand a month, while the WeLive space of about 1000 square feet (93 square meters), divided into four separate bedrooms. One bedroom rent $1375 per month. Monthly rent. Do not need credit checks, no need to pay the agency fees, the monthly rent plus $150 on the basis of the monthly cleaning can also enjoy the limited network and television services.



sounds expensive rent, but in this area to rent a concierge apartments, the average rent is $three thousand, while WeLife does not rule out future prices may.

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