Share new station 25 days PR from 0 to 3 experience

, first of all, I wish you all 09 luck. In the new year, RMB will make a lot of money.

today, what I want to share with you is my new 25 day station, PR how to get a little experience from 0 to 3. It’s a forum for our county. It’s developing smoothly now,

had built this station because of the original development forum of our County Public Security Bureau was well blocked, no such sites, so I didn’t expect to make a (fill well), can also use their previous publicity.

I am standing on the meter in December 6th to apply for CN (absolute meters), apply immediately after the program, change the template and some settings of the site, probably got 2 hours, even if the station to probably do out.

After the

station to do immediately began to do the promotion, first is to our local Baidu Post Bar sent two post, the content is an ordinary website, and give it a message for friendship connection, the right person is very good, immediately do I stand connection, and the two post my hair is fine, happy, in the evening checked the statistics, IP100, to a county-level city website, can have such data has been very good.

since then, every day from Baidu stick to the people have dozens to one hundred between, of course, they often go to the top post.

arrived 8, I just go to Baidu GG to submit a website, my 6 reason did not submit, it is because there is nothing content in that station at that time, be afraid to submit spider to have not eaten. He made a lot of Posts submitted to the content, in second days to submit, is 9, GG included the home page (GG efficiency is high, the next ah) is quietly waiting for Baidu, Baidu is also starting to see my uncle, for fifteenth days and finally closed, very excited, to the day IP, accounting for 80% of the total.

this 15 days I added a lot of friendship, but the quality is pretty good, there are some PR2.3.4, because it is new sites, friendship is not what, so the friendship site what industry, but I think at the beginning of new website, with Baidu and PR weight of high standing is very good.

until the day before yesterday morning, is No. 31 in the morning, I heard behind Google PR update, immediately went to the PR, have · PR directly from the 9 rise to 3, and later changed several query PR site, determine the PR3 is real.


PR rose 3, I analyzed the rules to update the Google PR, Google PR is as long as you treat the new friendship connection of good quality, high weight, your station PR will be changed too, the industry requirements linked to smaller, so new PR want to get promoted in a short period of time, we must first find a good the chain, which is particularly important.

now PR although 3, but must keep this PR value, the new station of PR is very unstable, say no

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