New station advertising experience exchange

for beginners, in the initial construction stage of advertising, should pay attention to the following points:

is the first to enrich website content. In my experience, my station poet opened the first day of secretarial nets, because only two or three articles act with undue haste, the station, go to the application for registration of Google advertising, but three days after receipt of Google messages, because my station is too small, does not apply. Although the mail content is very tactfully, but the end result is to tell you not by. Wait until my website content added about 80 articles about, and then apply for Google advertising, 32 days passed to me, so apply for Google must first article.

two is the first to apply for Ali mom advertising. After the new site, because the site traffic is small, advertising will not have too much revenue, but advertising will have to do, because it is a novice, after all, have to learn how to put in. When my mother applied for the advertisement, there were about ten articles in my station, some of them were original and some were picked on the internet. After the registration of Ali mother account, through the code to obtain advertising immediately out of my station shows, and at the beginning of the show is public service ads, not long before it will show other advertising.

three is a number of websites that provide keyword ads related to the content keywords of the article, and I’m considering placing them at this time. Probably the display mode is open the contents of the article, there are many eye-catching keyword plus advertising links, revenue per click, I see the "classic" advertisement, interesting friends can learn about.

four is about income. Since the Google and Alimama advertising, Google advertising only show without clicking, revenue is not too good, it is estimated that Google, click on the strict requirements, but I do not know what they are. The Alimama ad click rate is very good, by looking at certain gains. From my heart, or more in love with Google advertising, I will focus on learning Google advertising.

five is to put a few experience: first, choose the content of your website and similar advertising. Two is advertising display "text" or "picture" to consider good, sometimes text than picture effect is better. The three is put in the position can be careful about, such as the above page Links inside my station next to put a Google small horizontal link advertising, content page, column page below http://s. below have put this type of advertising links, through the analysis of the click rate is good. > four

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