Share and use Baidu’s own products to do the chain skills and experience

Hello, I am a fish, the chain has been one of the things most attention, the quality of the chain number, directly affects the website weight and keywords ranking, and the chain of good quality, in addition to the soft forum signature, classification of information is Baidu’s own products the. Today I will come and talk about how to use Baidu’s own products to enhance the weight of the site, good, superfluous we will not say, directly on the text.

NO1: Baidu knows

Baidu know for GF chain station friends is not strange, but due to the current Baidu to know management more standardized, so we want to become more and more difficult to leave your site address on it, but as long as the master some skills, or to leave the link, well below for detailed skills. First, let’s answer the question is best not to do things carelessly, the best is earnest sincere to answer, so also can improve by probability, also leave the link in question in the beginning of the link with baike/ your domain name, this format can improve a lot by chance, the account level is a key, usually under the condition of the higher level, leaving the chain more chance.

NO2: Baidu Encyclopedia

and Baidu know, let’s say that Baidu’s own products another weapon " Baidu encyclopedia, Wikipedia " said, many friends will say the chain is more difficult than to know in do in it, basically created encyclopedia "all," Oh, this is in fact skills. As long as the master of the skills, it is relatively simple. First of all, we have to Lian Lian, the account of the level of training high, general level 2 on the line, of course, 4 is the best. There is a high level account is not enough, we are creating the Wikipedia entry and had known, must be careful to do, fill in some real readable data on it, in addition to stay outside the chance in the extended reading on the chain in no reference on high.

NO3: Encyclopedia favorites

network favorites is a rise of the chain resources, common and Tencent network favorites or Cape of Good Hope etc. The results are good, than in the chain above these two simple multi leave link in this stuff, because it does not examine the mechanism, can live as long as you do link,, my suggestion is to leave some links every day, can the home can also be a page, it can improve a lot in the page keyword ranking, is definitely a good resource to kill two birds with one stone.

NO4: Baidu space

Baidu space, we should be familiar with, it can not only be left alone outside the chain, can also be used to do the blog group, although the current weight of the Baidu space has no past so high, but it is Baidu’s own son, but also low weight and low chain ordinary. Use Baidu space to do the chain, need to pay attention to is not open space on

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