Webmaster, you can never copy other people’s success and money

saw too much money and success but which is not your own, see too many successful webmaster, they rely on the website, rely on the network to create a world of their own, do not know who said that the successful model is Wangzhuan can be replicated. Really can copy? Whenever we see some Adsense Wangzhuan articles, whenever we see a website January earning tens of thousands or more, whenever we see others into hundreds of knife, whenever we see when a webmaster website how MOMEY was acquired. We as the stationmaster that make a website, be sure of boiling blood. How I hope these things happen to me, and how I wish my website would make a profit. Like a rude awakening yourself why not go with him or do a website, maybe I can earn so much… However,… These are the cases of higher and successful grassroots, which makes us to build their own website, we want to complete the unfinished Wangzhuan dream, how many nights we have sitting in front of the computer to update, acquisition, conceive or copy others model of success. But to the end of the month, when GG sent money. What have we got,


this time I also observed, reading some Adsense articles, look at some of their Wangzhuan mode. From the content of the article itself, it can be said that most are true, and some are currently profitable, but if we want to copy their own time, it is best not to blindly follow the trend. Patterns can be used for reference. Articles can be collected. But success can not be duplicated or replaced. Take the domestic webmaster after all influential figure Wang, seen too much of the site of webmaster, even like the bbs.admin5.com transaction type is changed directly meet the eye everywhere, have a name of a web site, you copied so much but you really have to copy a chart then, a copy of the ADMIN5? Maybe you make even the graph king of the 10 one is not to. There are 123 when Li Xingping created the pinnacle of his career, but now the Internet is the lack of navigation station, but I have 265 which in addition to laocai which GJJ CC did not seem to have heard what the navigation station also cattle up, maybe I

with very limited knowledge and scanty information!

, for example, before I saw someone published a single page website optimization ideas, a simple can no longer a simple page, check words absolutely beyond 200 words, but one day there are tens of thousands of IP. In fact, this model is still a lot of people doing, and done well, I will not publish here. A single page guide advertising, I have done a friend last year, but also can do, and brought a lot of advertising costs. From this model, in fact, single page optimization SEO alliance idea is good, but some of the necessary conditions you may not have, others may have. The most important thing is the resources, the external resources you do not have. If the mass has been behind, search engines are more difficult to serve. Some people are doing articles, websites, you can actually do, but can not be eager for instant success

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