Will WEB Web Games be on the rise

WEB web game coming up? My answer: Yes. Even now the game industry boss, 17173 online games station, there is a WEB web game special topic (http://s.web.17173.com/)

first we don’t consider his fun at first, but there is one thing for sure, he has an advantage than the game now, it is not used to download the client, as long as there is a web browser can, this is an important advantage. Even now the popular game " " dance; have a WEB web page type, I play, my personal feeling is not very fun. Because I would not love to play.

I love playing a strategic game, for example is three games like. According to my estimate, play web game game player not 10W. now most of the web games are a function of charges. That can make you more cattle than other normal people are simply not powerful game player, you I feel this opponent is not good, if I were you I have no money to play the game play customers this game. "Oh.

The rise of the

web game is inevitable. More and more fun game is inevitable, but this industry can make money is inevitable. Here I don’t want to say what, just want to tell you. Opportunities everywhere, see how you master the.

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