How to stimulate the customer’s buying mood

different ages, people will have a different understanding of shopping, the desire to buy naturally will be different. In the era of material scarcity, tangible things can be valuable, because people need to meet the basic necessities of life, such as the most basic needs. However, in the modern society with abundant material, the invisible things such as mood, feeling and mood are more and more popular. Therefore, how to stimulate customers to buy the "mood", has become the key to the success of the sale. For beauticians, to maximize the customer’s emotional stimulation has become a necessary means to improve performance.

stimulates customer satisfaction psychology

"as long as we do well, the customer will be satisfied". Is that true? When we analyze the factors that affect customer satisfaction, we will have different views. There are three factors affecting customer satisfaction:


must have the factors that are characteristic of the customer’s expectations and take it for granted. For example, the customer to buy the product must hope that the product is high quality, packaging is exquisite, the use of the product has a better guarantee. Because these are what the customer expects it to be, the customer will be especially concerned, even annoyed and dissatisfied, when it fails to achieve these results. And even if these features are available, or even better, customers will only have a neutral feeling.

The more the better customer

factors have a larger range of feeling for this kind of factors, namely if the customer needs are not met, will be disappointed; if you are reasonably satisfied, customers do not have what feeling; but if we do better, will increase customer satisfaction. For example, when a customer calls to order products, if we delay too long, will complain; if we do not fast nor slow, customers do not have what reaction; if we acted quickly, served in a very short period of time, the customer will be very happy.

out of expectation factors refer to those characteristics that customers do not expect to be overjoyed. Because it is expected, so there is no lack of any negative impact, but if it will have unexpected positive results, improve customer satisfaction. For example, for long-term users free of charge to send a number of beauty items, do not use the product to do the appropriate gift.

can be seen, "must have the factor" is to avoid the customer’s dissatisfaction, to really get customer satisfaction, but also in the other two factors. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the understanding of these three kinds of perceptual characteristics, the needs of the customers are changing, so we should often go to them and understand them. Some last year is still a factor beyond expectations, this year has become a must have factors, if we do not do, customers will not be satisfied.


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