Open shop five most profitable products

now there are a lot of people in the shop, at the same time in the whole shop, what to sell, the traditional open shop is selling clothing, but the competitive pressure is relatively large, so the first thing on the Internet to know what to sell?

A, jewelry: "crystal", "Jade Pendant" hot.

two, gifts home: "Zippo" and "bedding".

three, mobile phone: "camera" and "color" and "chord" being favored.

four, clothing: "jeans", "dot" and "fringe" continues to be popular.

denim is constant throughout the year, no matter at what occasion, as long as the proper collocation, jeans can show unique charm. Slim waisted denim trousers, but also by the white-collar workers of all ages. The dot stripe pattern continues to be a touch of light network sale, the dot stripe bag is the champion.

five, collection: "the Olympic Games" collection craze is not refundable.

08 years of the Beijing Olympic Games, led to the collection of all kinds of Olympic memorabilia collection craze.

In fact,

in the online shop to choose a more popular products is really a very important thing, choose a more popular products, in which the network can easily get rich, above recommended these are very good.


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