Xuzhou name house will be demolished and offbeat

our daily walk on the street, always can see all kinds of shocking offbeat shop name, do not think these new names, in compliance with the provisions is not clear. The past few days, Xuzhou, a shop called "211 national key stall," the hotel attracted public attention. This hotel is not only the name of domineering shocking, but still in front of the store hanging on the two block of Xuzhou city street industry Niubi unit "and" national spread construction pilot unit numbers.

yesterday morning, in the city of Xuzhou Quanshan district water diffuse Bridge Road, the reporter found this hotel. The shopkeeper was a young man, a Xuzhou man named lu. He said that after graduating from college, he has done some of the hotel in Xuzhou, the front desk, but also done management, and then opened a small hotel, earned the first pot of gold. With the money, would like to start a distinctive stall.

at the end of last year, the rent to the current window room. Hall, yard, warehouse together, with a total area of 1000 square meters. "In order to attract customers, the hotel gave a name called ‘211 national key stall’, and linked to the ‘national level to build a pilot units’,’ Xuzhou stall industry force units’ house."

Xuzhou city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Quanshan branch staff said, "if the business is really 211 state key stall" as its name, is certainly not given approval. Has not yet received the approval of its submission materials. As for the suspension of the Xuzhou booth industry force units and the construction of a national level pilot units two brands in the advertising approval can not be passed. Industry and commerce departments will investigate and rectify this behavior. In addition, the urban management department will coordinate the demolition of this alternative house."

super MOE name

these two days, the real estate authority in Changzhou, Jintan, the staff was a copy of the identity card on the name of the thunder, Cai pig. Ms. Sheng told reporters that this copy of the ID card, her friend accidentally discovered. They look carefully, the man named Cai Xiaozhu was born in 1923, 90 years old this year. The name is also a door." Ms. Sheng to hide the identity card personal information, made on the Internet, attracted many feelings. Some netizens speculated that parents may be named, the spirit of "keep a good cheap" mentality, easy to take a name.

so, whether it is to the store or to the individual name, which is in fact a very deep knowledge, want to have new ideas, but also in line with the provisions of the law, naturally also need to spend more thoughts. If you are now giving a shop name, do not be too alternative oh.

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