The countryside is also a big stage of entrepreneurship

now the rural development at an alarming rate, many people believe that the rural entrepreneurial resources are more abundant than in the city, so many people have chosen as rural stage of entrepreneurship, has also been successful, so set off the upsurge of rural entrepreneurship.

"the report pointed out that to solve the agriculture, rural areas and farmers, related to the overall well-off society, we must always as a priority among priorities of the party’s work. It’s really about the hearts of our farmers!" Li Qiqing’s words are full of joy.

2000, from the village party secretary positions he stepped down, he was advised to coastal development, he Fangxinbuxia village just do the vegetable processing plant, take the initiative to take this responsibility, both as director and at the same time, when the technician, or clerk and salesman. After several years of development, now it has become a vegetable processing plant in Jiangle County the largest vegetable export enterprises, promote the more than 1 thousand households on the development of ecological vegetable planting ways to build up the family fortunes.

"the report further strengthened my confidence in rural development, rural areas can also be the big stage of entrepreneurship." Right now, Li Qiqing is to guide the villagers use fallow planting vegetable processing of new varieties of mustard, shortly before he signed a contract with Japanese customers pepper exports of processed products, his calculations, this year a light vegetable can lead the farmers to about 7000000 yuan.


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