Huangshi allowed to undergo innovation and Entrepreneurship

is now in an era of mass innovation, in such a background, it is particularly important for people to start a business, Hubei, Huangshi, China in order to promote people’s business, continue to attract investment.

8 12, · Chinese Huangshi; magnetic lake and space Huizhong promotes public innovation at a press conference in Huangshi city. Huangshi municipal Party committee and government to promote the creation of public space, such as the new model of innovation and entrepreneurship platform, and strive to build Huangshi into a city of innovation, venture capital, entrepreneurial home.

a space to create the first-class public, the Huangshi municipal government, municipal CPPCC main leaders organized investigation, and organize the 12 departmental units has to Wuhan and Shanghai, to learn from Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Foshan, Qingdao and other 7 national innovation and entrepreneurship, to learn from the public record space construction measures. By learning from the advanced experience of innovation and entrepreneurship, the integration of the existing policies of the central and provincial cities, combined with their own situation, for the Department of magnetic Lake customized 22 support policies.

In order to attract all kinds of

Comprehensive building,


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