The giants and entrepreneurs gathered in auto finance why cut

Abstract: in the 345 line of the city’s second-hand car business will be after Ali and Jingdong set off the electricity supplier to the countryside yet another wave of impending scene, while the head is the automobile finance.


the next outlet is hidden in the PR release, it sounds fine irony, but it makes sense, since last year, a large number of car related Internet Co have announced to enter the automobile finance.

from the small net loan Zopa hand Uber, safe over the car home, car and Tencent, the Jingdong strategic cooperation, to Ali car loan 2 seconds on the line, all car financial strategy started, and has been playing the Shenzhou car rental and car and car loan business quietly on the line of flash, long time stay in the new auto finance outlet PR level twelve typhoon was finally blowing.

but this time, the challenge is not Ma vowed to change the traditional bank finance is not full of BAT, but the hands of users, the emerging O2O business online has a powerful fulcrum.

The higher the popularity of

O2O, the more money away from the

a lot of people do not understand the business logic of O2O, just based on two points: first, how to support the loss of the user to pull the loss mode, two is a loss hit out of the user how to implement, the two are actually one thing.

drops, Uber, is on the rise is as big as the new, new and second-hand car business is the same, the latter has theoretically more mature than sharing travel commission mode, such as second-hand car electricity supplier 3% Commission, but this part of the revenue is less than Cover operating costs, but also with the form of activity returned to the user. Change can be said, unless the maintenance, insurance and other services is rapidly maturing, or commercial closed-loop second-hand car company would have to find another way.

this cruel reality spawned two schools:

sent to the big drops and Xinmei as the representative, is not afraid of things, in the burn on crossroads could not go back, drops toward the whole travel platform development, new high towards full life service platform and a product loss, he developed a more money products, anyway demand has the traffic flow have users, users have


another fight is the existing users digging and realization, fulcrum is financial, but has been transferred to the air from the auto insurance car loan.

Ali car loan is a natural product of seconds after the ant payment service user + credit rating + big data of wind control forming, car loan platform easy to drive the car home and is focusing on the original accurate customer focus on the realization of.

is the original second-hand car loan platform disdain for small businesses can not be blind, the focus is now second-hand car business competition, on the basis of the second-hand car trading platform, then take advantage of creating auto finance platform and customer service service system, which can not only build a big data platform of the vertical field, can also affect the downstream the industrial chain. >

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