The next spring in the catering industry

you still put your head banging into the facade of the shopping center? Do you know that there is a group of children living in the family brand has taken an unusual food and beverage road – let the restaurant into the community. Do you know why the road is going through? The reasons are as follows:

traditional community catering industry is too small

traditional community catering mainly Home Dishes flagship model, a large number of Home Dishes brand relying on the community constructed a large catering network, at the time, the main advantage of these restaurants is to satisfy people’s needs, the original "hunger", a large amount of benefits as the main business strategy, the high price is the main feature of this kind of community food brands the. From the point of view of the crowd, the main consumer groups in this period mainly 40 years of age above the age of 60, the composition of the population of the early 70, the concept of consumption is relatively traditional, community catering needs to eat mainly. But now, this kind of food demand is decreasing. On the one hand, people’s attitude towards food and beverage is bid farewell to the era of cost-effective first. On the other hand, community residents from the big family gradually into a small family. Traditional community catering format has not enough to meet the current community food changes.

new community dining demand expansion

in Beijing, for example, the new community is often composed of small families, floating population, people need to bid farewell to the era of home cooking. The logic of group life is very simple, first of all, the trend of the mainstream consumer groups are generally younger, community catering formats also need small and beautiful. Secondly, in the kitchen gradually disappeared in the era, the community will become the second major food and beverage dining in addition to shoppingmall position. Here I need to emphasize that the traditional community food demand still exists, is the characteristics of group health reporter found the trend of change, the future of the community in the present, a large amount of affordable community dining demand Jiangbei new community dining mode gradually replaced.

The practice and practice of

group students

1, store thinking

group is a famous brand of family life in the flesh of a donkey in Beijing area, Beijing dam area stores square meters are more than 1000 square meters. But in the case of the current rent costs are rising, the group gradually realized that the restaurant industry in the store trend. On the one hand to reduce the cost of the store rent, renovation costs and even human costs, followed by the store model is forced to brand food standardization, so that the whole model can be quickly copied.

2, single product + snacks

in the eyes of the group of students, community food dishes can not be too single product design, but the need for a single product and multi dishes combined. A group of students, remember to maintain its quality of a single product Clay oven rolls flesh of a donkey. On the other hand, it melts