love Spring Festival stocking Technology

during the Spring Festival are generally the big shop selling time, however, if the stock did not do to work in place, there is no doubt that the store has a very negative impact on the operation. And this year’s business is not very good, there is a closed shop tide, in addition to several big supermarket business is booming, like we do not say that the shop is difficult to do business, so this year, the volume of stocking than in previous years to reduce the.

coupled with the new year suppliers do not rest, as long as the need to supply, make a phone call, ready to delivery. This can also reduce part of the funds invested. For example, last year sales of Wahaha 300 treasure box, this year I’ve only 200 boxes, with the improvement of living standards, the low-grade goods also gradually withdraw from the market, consumers now love practical generous goods more popular.

In the

era, people’s consumption concept has been changed, a few years ago, the Chinese New Year relatives, take a bag, buy a bag of cake, buy a bag of snacks, and then loaded on a can, male elders take a bottle of wine, it is perfect, even if the end of relatives. Now relatives did not take the bag, are a box of milk instead of cake, a box of fruit instead of canned fruit, two bottles of wine, gift packs also replaced the small snacks.

with the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for the quality of goods is more and more high, especially the production date is also very concerned about the consumer, this year’s new year’s Eve is February 27th, so we delivery goods are generally in January and February is the best date of sale.

remember that 5 years ago, the new year’s time to buy a bag of milk to send relatives. People do not pay much attention to the date of production, but in recent years, the high-end milk instead of pillow generation of milk. Because of the high-end milk shelf life long time, some old people in the new year when you will receive a lot of milk, some do not drink expired, threw a reluctant, his drink afraid expired detrimental to the body, so now consumers love fresh milk, and long shelf life is welcomed by customers.

in the preparation of the time, the pillow on behalf of the less stocking, enough to sell in a short period of time, the high-end milk at least 200 boxes. During the Spring Festival gift style to stocking, egg nutrition, mountain, spree, want spree 5 big box production last year, o’ered year end this year to panic buying, stocking, at least 10 boxes, there are children with relatives are now love to buy a big gift or a children’s milk, i.e. affordable and generous, to love children. Yuan six walnut has been set up the goods, there are enough to meet the needs of customers during the Spring Festival 200 boxes.

Tsingtao Brewery is an essential commodity, at least during the Spring Festival has to sell 200 boxes, which can advance stocking. Packed eggs, as well as gift boxes of fruit, must be prepared to supply. The quality of the goods is becoming higher and higher

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