What are the reasons for the shop not business

although every business people who want to do business, but in the actual operation of the process is always prone to a variety of problems leading to poor business. So, why not shop business? There may be the following reasons, as the owner, may wish to take a look at the shop in the process of whether these problems encountered.

dressed too casually. The store owner’s clothing is sometimes an important factor affecting the customer’s mood. Poor clothing, no taste of sales staff, customers will feel not professional enough, there will be no good service.

speak too slick, sophisticated. Many customers are more hate too slick salespeople, feel uncomfortable.

Xianpinaifu snobbery. Some shopkeepers see customers in the door, the first weigh and then decide whether to buy and sell.

asked three do not know. The owner’s professional level and sales skills is not enough, and even a question three do not know, easy to give customers a feeling of distrust.

is not too hot or too cold. Some staff do not have the purchasing power of seemingly indifferent customers. But there is also a kind of just the opposite, pulling the customer like parting folks for many years, scared customers run for the wonderful.

processing ability and skills. Customer complaints are handled poorly or not in time, driving away customers. Losing a complaining customer will add ten journalists who help you with negative publicity.

does not understand consumer psychology. Understanding of customer needs, meet customer needs is the key to sales, rather than "every puff" marketing skills. Understand the needs of customers, and then find out their own product advantages, precision to meet the needs of customers, is a practical sales magic.


said now is not good to do business, but there are also people shop business is hot, so if the shop out of business, may wish to look for reasons from the perspective of their own, maybe you can find the source, and then improve, so that the business of the shop can have the fire. So, if you are a shop owner, above these problems, you encountered?