Don’t ignore your business idea, recycling business opportunities

hunting cloud network reported in April 29th (compiled: Mackenzie

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hunting cloud network is one of the APP is not used to watch mobile phone or website and exclaimed: this technology concept too new and original really high! Before the next comment, you may have to do some background research, because in the technology industry in the "recycling" of a concept ten years ago and a new product is not what fresh thing. This article will take you to explore a number of science and technology industry in the example of the old renovation.

if you are a long-term concern of the technology industry, in fact, it is not difficult to find some of the past technology and concepts have been recycled. Perhaps the idea is not ripe for the first time, or perhaps some people think they are smarter and richer than their predecessors, so they can do a new article on the old concept.

science and technology is actually a reincarnation, it progress and development at the same time, some of the early failure of the attempt is indeed worthy of our more advanced in the modern scientific and technological conditions to re-examine. Here are a few examples, from the video stream to fast food takeaway, a lot of seemingly innovative products are in fact the essence of the old concept, turned successful.

video streaming service? A long time ago!

let’s start with Meerkat and Periscope, both of which are the best in the video streaming platform, but also the most convincing example of the phenomenon of renovation. These APP clever use of increasingly sophisticated mobile technology, better mobile broadband and smart phones on a higher quality camera for recording at any time to see what users see.

these APP are so popular, you may think this is because the concept behind the APP is very new, but it is not the case. In fact, several companies, such as Qik and Flixwagon, tried this service in 2007. The founders were deeply aware of the power of the real time transmission of smartphones, but they thought it was too early.

actually, I wrote an article about these video streaming tools on website in September 2008:

"mobile phones and cheap video recorders make it easy for the average person to create and distribute videos anywhere and anytime. Use your mobile phone with the new development of some online tools, upload video or make your own video stream is easy, now anyone can give you live your life or share them and what one sees and hears you. Behind this concept, in addition to new ideas and some narcissistic complex, do not know if there is no more business potential?

Skype spent $150 million to buy Qik in 2011, and Flixwagon is still strong (although the demo provided on its website for 08 years to now)

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