What are the circles in the world of the nternet

Internet continues to develop, the exchange of people has also changed, the circle of culture gradually formed. Although the rise of the circle of culture on the Internet, but there is a very clear classification. So what are the circles in the Internet world? Together inventory.

1: traffic circle – the main force of the local Internet Conference

the so-called traffic circle is reselling traffic of a group of people, mainly some of the advertising people. The last two years I went out to participate in a number of local Internet Conference, the organizers will pull ahead of a group of guests WeChat. Every time I looked at it, there were hundreds of people in the group, and at least half of the people in the advertising alliance. Because these people look at the signature of WeChat, are a variety of revenue, the amount of sales.

For example, we

2: electricity business district – what will be able to see them

3: micro business district – women, many do not do the Internet

derivative after the fire, found around a lot of non internet friends in life, suddenly made a micro business transformation or part-time. Join micro business is also considered to enter the Internet industry. These online, the main haunt in a variety of micro business training, micro business product launches, micro business experience exchange. Unlike most of the Internet circles, mostly boys, while the girls are relatively small area, and most of the previous work is not to do the internet. However, the organization of micro business meetings, all the same is done before the birth of the Internet, and most of them are men.

now micro business meeting, Internet Conference more than fire. Especially in Guangzhou, Shanghai these places, basically every month there are several games. The local Internet Conference, generally in a city up to 1-2 a year.

4: network promotion, SEO circle – most of the beginning of the transformation