What are the advantages and disadvantages of returnees venture

is a special group of returnees entrepreneurial market, they have high degree, high background, the state for the "vulnerable groups" gives the ultra high degree of concern, but also create a good business environment for them, help them get rich quick.

The characteristics of

A, get together city

returnees after returning home is very obvious trend is to get together in first-tier cities, especially Beijing. When it comes to getting together first tier cities, in fact, their development is not very good. The competition has been very intense in the first tier cities, and even can be said that the current domestic Internet start-ups are concentrated in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, a few cities. The returnees are also sent to join the first tier cities to compete with them, snatch the market, grab resources, will naturally make them face fierce competition.

industry cluster

connections, get together

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