Short video business may just be the platform to give you a platform for the phantom

Abstract: a large number of UGC short video platform to contribute more than 90% of the content, but from the point of view of the amount of play in the top of the content contributed by the PGC accounted for 90% of the second shot, said Liu Xinzheng, vice president. This is a more objective existence than the 28 law.



after Papi in the first half of billions of dollars of valuation sauce storm, recently began a short video field of entrepreneurship has been raging like a storm ".

short video social platform seconds shot just announced in the first RedBang world network red conference will set up a second shot creator platform program, the joint micro-blog in the future to invest $100 million incubation short video network red. Voice has not yet fallen, today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming also announced in September 20th the headline number also want to act, come up with 1 billion yuan subsidy short video creators".

two large traffic platform also invariably put forward, in the flow side, the technical side, the realization of the end and the product to provide short video creators of varying degrees of support.

short video business has more than once been identified as tuyere, but in the first few years has not been able to scrape up. So, this wave of platform advocacy really can bring up the spring, I’m afraid it is still an illusion.

the most cruel but the 28 law

"short video to reduce the threshold of demand, the creation of business and even have a brilliant future", this is Zhang Yiming in the headlines, the conference issued the statement of foreign artists.

is to lower the threshold of deja vu, earlier this year, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other social media for the prevalence of the creation and dissemination of graphic content to reduce the threshold, it seems that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy the "center" of the bonus.

but we want to tell you, the reality is that in the field of content entrepreneurship, traffic began to become more like a head gathering, professional, media team to get more preference. The so-called short video threshold lower, more people can only be a good fantasy.

this is a data support. In last week’s "Red Net World Conference, with the second shot, and a small coffee show broadcast short video and broadcast platform. Vice president Liu Xinzheng accepted the media interview with reporters ti. He said that although UGC shared more than 90% of the content of the platform, but from the amount of play, ranking PGC accounted for more than 90%, which is a more objective than the "law of 28" too much.

you see, this is not for those who boast of "grass-roots culture" and "to the center" and embrace digital Utopia (Digital Utopia) who face the


this is also as the British media industry researcher David · Hess Mond J (David Hesmondhalgh) the results of a very early date: this digital into

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