The school was on the way to school children need to be cautious

children go to school on the road safety issues have been the parents are most worried about the problem, and now a lot of cars on the road, for the child’s safety is a very big risk. Recently, Tai’an County, Ningyang, a primary school students in grade four, the way was rolling in class, the incident is actively investigating.


2 23 in the morning 7 am, Tai’an city Ningyang County Gang Town Center Primary School in the fourth grade class of 10 year old student Chen (Ningyang County Gang Town Ping Jia Zhuang Village), go to the classroom in the way, was knocked down by Du Moumou driving a school bus in reversing the process, occurrence of rolling.

23 at 4 pm, Ningyang County, the funeral of the Beijing News reporter said, 23 days after a school bus accident due to the remains of the boy died, died due to specific relevant departments are still under investigation, the parents have to the funeral home, be dressed and stored in the ice coffin.


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