Wholesale purchase need to master four tricks

shop is not easy to do business, in addition to funding, experience, technology, resources, contacts a series of conditions, but also have a good source. So, for the shop business people how wholesale purchase? What are the skills that can be followed in the wholesale purchase? The following information is detailed answer, perhaps useful to you.

a, from the source (origin or factory) direct purchase of

(1) wholesale purchase how to do? From the source of stock, reduce turnover links, the minimum purchase price, can puerile, to win in the competition.

(2) at present, China’s economic level determines the business is only the best way for the mass consumer. In addition to the quality of the rape, the price is particularly important, from the source of direct purchase apparently reduced the cost of purchase, product pricing is also low song.

(3) in the current situation of China’s fake and shoddy goods flooded, from the source of purchase, can guarantee the quality of goods.

(4) with the supply of hair after the purchase and sale of the relationship between the long-term stability of production and sales, to ensure the supply of goods.

two, from a number of purchase

how to choose the source of goods is a matter of great concern to every businessman. Generally, operators are willing to purchase goods or wholesalers in the supply of cheap goods. But if you only care about the price, and ignore the quality, will not do business.

wholesale purchase, should pay attention to the following points:

1. strict purchase. In the purchase, the purchase of the manufacturers have a preliminary understanding, to understand whether the legitimate business entities.

2. strictly inspect the quality of the goods.

3. purchase, at least choose more than two suppliers. The benefits are:

(1) can promote the supplier between commodity quality, price and service competition etc..

(2) can effectively prevent the personnel between the purchase and the supplier of unfair trade, such as concave buckle etc..

(3) can timely grasp the commodity information, commodity dynamics, thus targeted.

three, into sales

what kind of goods are selling goods, in addition to the store itself from the conclusion of the sale, the key is to consider the flow of goods, the supply of products, such as a comprehensive consideration. Changes in consumer tastes

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