How to open a new store

want to do poineering work shop boss? Do you know how to build a new store? You are just a new venture shares, then you need to know more about the way to build a new store. Today, there are seven methods for entrepreneurs who intend to shop reference.

[1] invite people to join


how to store opened up? In the opening day, invited friends and relatives’ neighbors, hold your personal field.


rich multicolored decorations.

the opening day, the shop door must be filled with "Congratulations Business Flourishes" basket, to good interpersonal relationship. If your friends are not enough, you can dig their own pockets to create false prosperity, creating a lively atmosphere.

[3]. Please celebrity

[4] to give customers


was originally engaged in the service industry to bring a new feeling, new customer satisfaction, let them have a new topic. Therefore, the opening day to bring festive customers, or to provide special services, or to send a small gift or heavy small gift, let customers get spiritual joy and satisfaction, the flower opened the human ` power value.

[5] see a gift



special offer preferential.During the opening of

[7] to


many stores on its first day campaign is doing well, but also store huge crowds of people, not be ready for guests, no greeting, or let the guests wait too long, the entire store in a short while, such as service quality, less, this will affect the inferior by comparison, the day after business.

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