Retail customers want to know more information may wish to talk to customers

wants to know what kind of goods to the customers’ needs, what kind of goods in shops can really meet the needs of the market, the best way is talking with customers directly, it can really know what customers really need. So, retail customers want to know more information, may wish to talk to customers, this will be of great help to store business.

I just run cigarette, the face of many brands and specifications of the cigarette, I am really a bit at a loss, I do not know how to choose, especially that several cigarette provinces, not afraid to purchase it, customers can not buy, purchase it, afraid not sell resulting backlog. Later, the tobacco companies or client manager Liu’s words gave me great inspiration, he said: "in fact, each cigarette has a relatively stable consumer groups, what kind of specifications of the cigarette into the more, what kind of specifications of the cigarette into the small, we can not rely on the subjective decision, but depends on the you shop around the consumption level and major consumer groups."

so, in the daily operation of the shop to buy goods to buy customers, I am more enthusiastic, often take the initiative and they pull home, the surrounding residents have a general understanding of the level of consumption. I observed that: in the vicinity of the two residential areas where there is a large part of the working class to work in the county, as well as part of the individual and private enterprises boss from the surrounding towns, such as the rich man".

Central Committee issued the "eight provisions" and "three public consumption" restrictions on the consumption of this part of the people should not be large, so I put the store’s cigarettes in order to high-grade cigarettes based. In the past five years, I have been selling all kinds of cigarettes in my store.

As the saying goes: in

. The same is true of cigarettes. My experience is: by talking to customers in more ways, at any time to leave a message around the business information, when I change. First find out what people around the shop, how their level of consumption, so that we know, according to the specific circumstances, the purchase of the corresponding brand specifications of cigarettes.

many specifications of cigarettes in a few bad to sell, but also normal. For this kind of cigarette, on the one hand, we should actively recommend to customers, on the other hand, according to the situation gradually reduce the amount of purchase. Not all goods do not make money. Incomplete goods will also result in the loss of customers, so the store can not be a part of the slow-moving cigarettes into the purchase, the store if there are only a few specifications of cigarettes are not easy to sell, in fact, the pressure on the funds will not be too large.

and customers talk more, not only to more clearly define the needs of customers, but also to sell goods to customers, which is of great significance for the operation of the store. So, if you want to successfully open a retail store, want to know more information, may wish to talk to customers. >

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