Regulations of Shandong college students’ venture capital loans

The development of

in the world, the international progress, talented people is also in constant pursuit of progress and innovation. Many students with emotional hair entrepreneurial government in the face of this phenomenon have introduced different policies. Among them, the college students in Shandong enjoy the preferential policies of starting up loans.

reminder: according to individual province Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff, the relevant policies have been implemented, college graduates in the relevant formalities of self-employed, in addition to bring all the required materials, put forward the relevant application, but also to bring the university graduates employment recommendation, graduation certificate and other relevant information. Financial loans: 1, preferential loan support, appropriate credit loans. To increase the support of college graduates to start their own business loans, to provide effective asset collateral or quality customer guarantees, financial institutions give priority to credit support. For college graduates venture loans, graduates can be subject to the borrower, the guarantor can be provided by the family or family members of the stable income or effective assets of the corresponding joint guarantee. For a good credit, repayment guaranteed, based on the risk control of the appropriate payment of credit loans. 2, simplify loan procedures. By simplifying the loan procedures, a reasonable determination of the amount of credit loans, turnover within a certain period of time. 3, interest rate concessions. Given a certain preferential interest rate loans to support entrepreneurship, depending on the loan risk is different, in the statutory lending rates may be based on appropriate downward float or less floating. Reminder: the Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of China

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