Entrepreneurship education to achieve a big one small

most of the entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities in China is a mere formality, focusing on theoretical knowledge and ignoring the practice of teaching, or lack of effective teaching methods in practice teaching. This phenomenon is not conducive to the rapid development of China’s college students to embark on entrepreneurship.

in the public record upsurge of the moment, the daily average of about 1 enterprises born, over the new incubators have soared like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Beat the rhythm of the public to accelerate the original can not keep up with the link is more prominent, which is urgently needed to improve entrepreneurship education.

The content is greater than

"big" namely the vision to entrepreneurship education. Entrepreneurship education can not be stimulated, personal fame success, result oriented to "narrow" and so on, can’t copy and imitate the successful, efforts should be made to encourage and inspire individual innovation. In the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship education to entrepreneurship aims to foster entrepreneurial inexhaustible innovation, responsibility spirit, let them have the ability to integrate resources, and to face the failure, Yuecuoyueyong psychological quality.

achieve this "big" and "small", the need for a force. Government departments should, through policy and public services, open up more space for entrepreneurship education, reduce the cost of entrepreneurship education, cultivate entrepreneurial education talents;

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