How to run a color consultant studio

each person’s skin color, the color of the hobby will be different, so in daily life can be reflected, but how to achieve the best color, so as to show their best side? So the color consultant studio was born.

color consulting is based on "color seasonal theory", the people born with the skin color, hair color, eye color and other characteristics of the human body scientific correspondence, for different people to find the most suitable color group, complete harmony costumes and personal natural conditions collocation. At the same time, the color consultant also according to the customer’s face, body and personality, professional characteristics, to find the most suitable style style, from clothing, shoes and accessories to the full set of the best style guide.

As for the

if you want to own a store like this, then act quickly! After all, the current market, the brand has been very few, and the demand is so great, so once you really have a color consultant studio, will be hot business!

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