At the end of operation of cigarette .

in the retail market if careless, often easy to encounter a number of scams, so that the interests of the operators damaged. And near the end of the year, cigarette switching behavior occurs, in order to reduce lingshouhu economic losses, the company this month, according to several common methods. To strengthen the propaganda of retail customers.

in the daily operation of the cigarette business, the retail business will fall into the hands of criminals a little bit of fraud. The following is the two most common switching method: one is the forward method, criminals to buy several high-end cigarettes, a portable bag, then pretend to be received associates call, said that several don’t smoke, put the prepared cigarettes out to the shop owners to return, will be low the cost of the successful exchange of high-grade cigarette cigarettes.

two is a substitution method, now many retailers to mark mark in his cigarette, to prevent substitution, but impossible to guard against scams criminals, keeping pace with the times, the retailers do mark behavior, they retain the original packaging, and then to the inside of the smoke really changed to cigarettes packaged. Retailers without further examination, see the consequences of breaking strip with mark to confirm the smoke no problem, return.

At the end of

, after the end of the year, immediately to the most traditional Chinese Spring Festival, this time everyone wants to make more money. So, to remind the majority of retailers to observe, vigilance and prevention "movement"; make a special mark at the same time, should also pay attention to the packaging and sealing are strange, especially, from the cabinet will not be returned and check the cigarette money.

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