Drive the national entrepreneurship, BAT created what kind of business opportunities

The "double"

in the Internet environment, for the vast majority of Internet Co, the desire is BAT of their investment, get giant strong support. In fact, in addition to investment in the layout of the BAT commercial layout at the same time, but also for the people continue to create new opportunities for entrepreneurship. In the PC era, BAT makes some Internet Co seize the opportunity for the realization of business, but also in the present BAT to entrepreneurs bring what opportunities and possible? This paper sorts out the main line in the BAT national entrepreneurship and their respective characteristics, and to explore the BAT for all entrepreneurs bring business opportunities.

Baidu: connect 3600 lines of business outbreak


Baidu Robin Li put forward the goal of connecting the 3600 lines, the achievements of today’s new Baidu. By virtue of Baidu’s natural entry status and platform advantages, Baidu can be said to be in the BAT three giants to connect the most extensive range of companies, it is difficult to imagine how many areas of the tentacles of Baidu cover.

: if you are a Baidu Union has been active in the PC Internet era old users, should be very familiar with the word "stationmaster", which is created in the most freedom of occupation. "Stationmaster" is synonymous with the PC era, the webmaster of the vast majority of revenue are from the Baidu alliance, through the head hanging on the Baidu ad, click on the corresponding user after obtain the corresponding income, not only makes the survival of many owners can be solved, many websites are bigger, a typical case is Dai Zhikang Dai Zhikang Shengshichuangxiang company, through the development of discuz forum system, finally won the 280 million acquisition of Tencent. Now Baidu alliance has more than 800 thousand partners and about 600000 advertisers, members include almost the main domestic Internet Co, such as Jinshan, 58 fair, LETV, storm technology……

in the transition from the PC to the mobile era, Baidu alliance mobile developers in efforts to solve the pain points, with an open attitude, mature technology will open to mobile developers, developers can directly use the mature technology to Baidu, reduce development cost and difficulty; in terms of capital, Baidu alliance through "100% into +10% incentive the policy to attract mobile developers, alliance partner and the three party Internet eco fund investment institutions alliance, plans to invest a total of $1 billion, plus 500 million yuan alliance loan lending programme support, to help developers solve distribution and cash flow problems, provide the driving force for the national business boom.


Developer Center: Baidu Developer Center is Baidu in the mobile era strategic products, developers can provide through the transfer of Baidu API on its mobile APP development. Baidu provides developers with a map of the LBS interface, voice recognition, face recognition interface interface, APP message push service, cloud servers, cloud storage and CSDN, Baidu data statistical analysis, APP test, cloud development framework, >

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