Health supermarket do these details can seize the consumer psychology

for businesses, to seize the psychological needs of consumers is very important, because it determines the size of the profit. In recent years, the opening of the health of the supermarket began to increase the number of entrepreneurs, they are how to seize the consumer psychology? Do the following details is enough.

1. light is good, or not good

when before you decide on the lighting and decoration, may wish to take their own products (such as a coffee shop) were compared in different styles of decoration lighting, samples, find the best combination.

2. sound size affects "flow rate"

3. smell is also important

as smell like the sound, there is a positive side and negative side. In the shop, the aroma of many customers on the cosmetics counter, the aroma of the food, to stimulate the nerves of the human smell and so on, can produce a positive psychological reaction. The coordination of the product and its smell, it is obvious to arouse customer interest, stimulate customer consumption has a positive promotion role.

of course, the smell of shops or release of various products to release concentration of odor, should pay attention to customers and smell to adapt, that customers are willing to accept or can have a positive effect of odor range. Because of the strong stimulation will make people hate, cause resentment. This is the truth.

4. 80% people like lively

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