How to solve the problem of poor freshmen in Yibin

in life, a lot of poor students, with excellent results. But on the way to school, but faced with no money to enter the problem. In view of such a situation, the introduction of relevant policies in Yibin. Family economic difficulties of College Freshmen in Yibin in accordance with the relevant policies, this, college students can apply for students to credit student loans, the maximum loan of 8000 yuan; graduate maximum loan of $12000.

traffic fee highest 1000 yuan subsidy "graduating freshmen to school before the registration can apply for college freshmen subsidy family economic difficulties, the project will provide transportation for students, alleviate the economic pressure." City Board of education student aid management center staff Yi said that the criteria for admission to college freshmen: admission to colleges and universities in the province of 500 yuan per person, the admission of foreign institutions in the country of $1000 per person.

it is understood that this funding for a one-time subsidy of family financial difficulties freshmen from the family to the location of the school to be admitted to the transportation costs, and short-term living expenses after admission.

student loans up to 12000 yuan

according to the introduction of the ancient Yi, college freshmen and students can go to the district where the former residence of the District Education Bureau student financial assistance center for the loan formalities. The college students can be up to 8000 yuan, the highest graduate loan of $12000.

Yibin student loans to students is the county (District) rural commercial banks, this year the new National Development Bank, students can choose according to their own circumstances.

file the children of poor households 4000 yuan subsidy "in our city the precise poverty poor households filing riser children, starting this fall, will receive an annual subsidy of 4000 yuan." Gu Yi said that these students are advised to apply for a student credit student loans, so enjoy the amount of funding more.

consulting phone are here

the county student financial management center telephone consultation can be as follows, student loan policy: Ping District 5160501, Nanxi District 3322337, 6200917 Yibin County, Jiangan County 2632383, Changning County 7870058, Junlian County 5416227, Gongxian County 7288295, 4039881, 8826127 Xingwen County, Pingshan County 5721348.

in Yibin to solve the problem of poor freshmen enrollment, on the one hand to improve the amount of student loans, on the other hand, provides all the telephone, so that students can query specific loan policy. In the study of the road, the relevant departments attach great importance, will be conducive to a positive solution to the status quo.

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