Divorce can be a business opportunity Open a divorce company to make money

divorce is an unfortunate thing, however, in the current commercial market, divorce can also become a business opportunity, the birth of a profitable project, which is the divorce company". So, if entrepreneurs start divorce company will happen? Will there be a market?

In recent years, the rising divorce rate of

not only makes the problem of marriage and marriage become a social phenomenon, but also gives birth to a booming business opportunity". Wei Wei is one of the best, last year, only 3, the branch of the Shanghai Wei Wei company, with the surge in demand around the world, so far has developed a joint venture of the 28 companies. Founder Shu said, the situation is the goal of two years to allow the company to 60.

according to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs statistics show that last year, a total of 100297 pairs of lovers registered marriage in Shanghai, and in 2004, compared with a decline of about 18%. At the same time, 30745 couples agreed to divorce (not including the number of divorce cases to the court), but an increase of 12% over the previous year. It is to see the modern people emotion blind expanding, a quick view of comfort in 2004 established the first domestic to divorce population as the main service object of marriage advisory company — Shanghai Weiqing company, is known simply as "divorce company".

it is understood that the Weiqing company’s main business is the quality of marriage and marital counseling, analysis of marriage law related consulting, the charges from last year’s 3000 yuan per day increased to 5000 yuan, an hourly fee from 200 yuan per hour increased to 300-800 yuan; and after the divorce law related service fees are higher, according to the division of total assets 1% couples dispute calculation.

Shu explained that the increase in business, office costs and staff expansion to promote the improvement of fees. In fact, most of the company’s customers are generally defined as the middle and high end of the "three" crowd, that is worth, status and influence, such people are not sensitive to high fees.

Shuxin said that the momentum of development is quite rapid, as of now, this year’s operating income has increased by 400% over last year. Every day the number of customers received from 2, up to more than and 10 people, up to more than 40 people at the time of the number of people. So far, the largest single business received a sense of the value of 20 million yuan of real estate evaluation, this alone allows the company to earn $200 thousand.


is known as the "divorce company", but the main business is the dimension of emotion reflects the connotation of "sympathy", has accounted for 80% of the company’s business, and advised to leave only 20%. The best thing to do is to provide advice for those who are preparing to divorce, and to reduce the loss of the divorce. As of the end of last year’s statistics, the situation has helped more than 1 thousand couples reconciliation and reconciliation, to help divorce more than 300

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