Crooked ideas make money

generally describe a person who is not a good idea of the circumstances, would say that this person as a "bad ideas", but on the road of entrepreneurship, if there is a legitimate "crooked ideas, first half success, compared to those of follow the prescribed order of entrepreneurial opportunities, more bad ideas can make money!

the few cases are obvious "crooked ideas, if the" concept of crooked ideas, in real life the crooked ideas meet the eye everywhere. For example, pull the celebrity advertising is said to be a "bad ideas", because no matter celebrity fame, not what impact on the quality of the products, however, because people believe that celebrities, also believe that this product.

the logical. No matter how crooked, can not go beyond the framework of the law, otherwise, the nature of the change. Social ethics, there should be at least respect, otherwise it will bring unexpected resistance. If you don’t grasp well, you will become a bad idea.

the accord. That is, there is no obvious damage to the interests of others. "Man hee hee, are all benefits to people; Rangrang, are all benefits to their own interests, if due to damage the interests of others, and for others, will fail.

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