How to seize the business opportunities – the whole wedding

wedding for a person who is very important for any thing, after all this, but most people only once in a lifetime opportunity to do business, and if we can seize this opportunity, will be able to make their business to get real hot, let the owners even in the off-season can also usher in business management good time.

In fact, there are also some opportunities

off-season, such as May and June, the larger the amount of smoke wedding, we should seize this important opportunity to fight a few beautiful battle". I’ll talk about my tricks.

eyeliner. This is the area of the fight against smoking in the field of information is well-informed, only the first time on the surrounding potential customer information collection, in order to seize the opportunity. To this end, I started around all the relatives and friends, so that they provide information to my wedding. If the deal is done, I will give it a certain amount of information".


this widespread Eyeliner let myself have good ears and eyes "tricks, make up the personal limited, usually see insufficient stores walk off, to bring more business opportunities for customers and shop.

reasonable stock. Operating wedding smoke, is a test of our stock. Preparation of cigarettes, you can earn pots bowl; blind stocking, only the backlog of inventory, occupation of funds.

after the investigation, I found the City reception preference with "China" in the high-end cigarette, but the township level of consumption is low in preference per box 20 yuan "Abba" and "Double Happiness" brand. Therefore, I changed my strategy, "the order" and other brands, while increasing the amount of stock of 20 yuan of "profit group" and "Double Happiness" series of cigarettes.

brand replacement. Due to the impact of regional customs, wedding smoke will focus on a few brands. Although ready to do, but there may be a shortage of tight brand situation. Therefore, do a good job in a timely manner, brand replacement, recommend the right to the same level of new cigarettes to customers is very important.

in such an information age, the information for the development of the store business is of great importance. To this end, I often pay attention to the supply of information tobacco companies, the courage to order new cigarettes, and focus on the customer to recommend the brand. If the customer is good, I will consider the new cigarette as an alternative brand of tobacco. This can not only retain customers, to avoid the loss of customer resources, but also to obtain more sales profits, kill two birds with one stone.

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