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is now a young generation of freedom and the pursuit of a generation of dreams, perhaps their ideas seem a bit arrogant in others, but they can always let the older generation of people shocked. Catering business needs such a spirit.

Korean popular culture on the international fashion trend has intensified, from Korean dramas, Korean music to Korean cosmetics, Korean clothing, all popular in china. Korean food is also the case, Korean cuisine, kimchi, Korean barbecue, is a household name in China, young and old know.

I am a volcano rock, from Jeju Island, I am now gushing out, only for barbecue and. Si card volcanic bulgogi goo, daring to challenge the traditional roast meat, creative volcano rock barbecue to give you 360 of the ultimate sensory experience! 99 seconds instant, unlimited free buffet dishes make you eat your wayward DIY, unique creativity, eat your own flavor


silicon card goo Korean barbecue franchise brand introduction

volcano rock grill with far infrared magnetic wave, energy saving, smokeless, no pollution, no radiation, heat evenly, rapid water absorption oil, lightweight, loose small capacity, large surface area, strong adsorption capacity, chemical stability, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high adsorption capacity, deodorizing and sterilizing effect. And the baked food can maintain the original nutrients, taste delicious, not burned, is the ideal raw material tray, tray volcano rock will release sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, calcium, titanium, manganese, iron, nickel, cobalt and molybdenum and other dozens of beneficial minerals and trace elements in meat in the process, is beneficial to the health.

got me a baking tray and made a lot of money. Si card goo volcano rock barbecue, no cook food business, without curing, the headquarters of the unified sauce distribution, customer herself roasted, the whole process of simple to use learned without teacher. No chef, no technical threshold. Just need a complete operating room, washing dishes, Zecai, Zhuangpan can, without fire, no need to get rid of the stove, the catering must establish Houchu problems, to avoid unnecessary trouble of fire fire. Si card goo volcano rock, low cost to achieve the barbecue profit maximization. Simple operation reduces the manual service, thereby reducing the labor expenses, silicon card is for you to save the cost of the goo Korean barbecue shop.

in the Korean barbecue restaurant card silicon cushions, every day they saw the store bursting scene. Si card goo Korean barbecue for consumers to bring authentic, new taste enjoyment, the roasting process new, to meet consumer demand how can barbecue taste buds, like barbecue brand by customers welcome! Barbecue is people usually favorite snacks, and Si card goo Korean barbecue is more fresh taste to win the market praise, also triggered a new round of consumer boom


read the above introduction, if you are on the Korean barbecue this card > silicon cushions

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