Business lunch small table easy money

if only to say that the small table, a lot of people are very familiar with, after all, it is now in China’s numerous schools around. However, in this small series said the small table for us is numerous white-collar workers. In short, the small white-collar lunch table, really easy to make money.

white-collar lunch small table

according to the Beijing Business Daily reported that in Beijing, China World Trade Center, Zhongguancun, Asian Sports Village and other surrounding areas of the office, despite the surrounding restaurants, restaurants, office workers can work meals but prefer to eat a small table to. Because compared to regular restaurants, small table has a faster, cheaper advantage, business is booming.

collocation Sauteed Lily Bulbs and Celery lotus root spare ribs, Seafood Curry collocation cool cucumber, burn fried hairtail collocation cowpea delivered Home Dishes, so that the pursuit of simple and practical work midday meal white-collar workers excited.

as the name implies, white-collar lunch small table for busy white-collar workers to provide door-to-door service to send the "homely food". Every day the menu through the blog, MSN and other network tools to inform the ordering of white-collar workers, after they make a choice, the small table in advance of the kitchen will be ready for lunch, at noon time to work on time delivery company. Small table dishes to the main dishes, the price of about 10 yuan, so that white-collar lunch to eat comfortable and affordable.

market outlook

now, the pace of life and work faster and faster, the rest of the noon time often make workers feel stretched. Although the office building around a variety of Chinese and Western fast food restaurants, are many, but the general company lunch time is 1~1.5 hours, eat meal, walk back and forth time has nearly 1 hours, in order not to be late, workers hope ", at the same time, often eat a ready-cooked meal" to a lunch meal time, every restaurant nearby commuters are overcrowded, even more reluctant to put valuable time for a nap.

"small table" to be able to work on time at noon when the meal to the door, no doubt for them to save the rest time. In addition, compared to the dining, the per capita consumption is generally around 30~40 yuan, small table lunch price of about 10 yuan, for the office workers have a great temptation.

investment and return

business white-collar lunch table, according to 10 yuan per person per meal, excluding the cost of 4~5 yuan, if the daily supply of 15 lunch, income of $150. Among them, the supplier can profit 80 yuan. A month, net income of about 2400 yuan.

in a commercial society like this, if you want to make money, it’s very important

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