How much money is needed investment in energy-saving

single food franchise project selection, not only does not have a high popularity, but also did not join the business opportunities. With the continuous improvement of our living standards, we have a lot of food to join the project is always very exciting. Energy-saving? Join the energy-saving, the shop is made!

energy-saving has high visibility in the catering industry, the materials needed will be transported to the franchisee headquarters unified, energy-saving focus on the modern concept of nutrition, strict and scientific food collocation, healthy nutrition. How many energy-saving jiamengfei, it will join the business is divided into 4 different levels, different levels of development of the city is not the same, so join the cost difference will be. In general, provincial and municipal cities around 100 thousand yuan, prefecture level cities around $80 thousand, the county level of about 60 thousand yuan, about $50 thousand in the county.

is a traditional basic cooking pot, energy-saving for continuous improvement, launched a couple more than a pot, pot, pot of pot, not only to a certain extent, eliminate waste, and consumers can according to their own taste of spices. Join the headquarters, the headquarters will help you to choose the location of the shop, to provide decoration design style set for you, unified store image, if you did not experience any shop, headquarters sent to the shop master, help you manage, each quarter will launch the new dishes, which occupy a strong competitive position in the market.

high-quality energy-saving projects, market opportunities earned stop. An open their own energy-saving stores, is not a very good choice? If you are also very excited, hurry up! Come and join us to realize our wealth and life!

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