After 90 college students Fu Xiaolong how do get ten million investment

in the profit model, Fu Xiaolong said, "love" is not going to play games and space dress class value-added services, they want to do is to customize the surrounding content, such as real note book, electronic photo album. At the same time, although the third party platform has not officially access, but now the "snack canteen" with the cooperation of the third party, has been in the experimental stage, I believe that in the near future can use mature.

love story, is a couple used to record a little bit of love for mobile applications, which is to meet the needs of the couple to record and share content, similar to the scene of the couple micro-blog or WeChat circle of friends. Lovers use the same account login, through voice, pictures, text, video, anytime, anywhere recorded love. Let love remember to find "the scene record is the biggest characteristic of love note, let this small APP in the country in the top three software lovers.

today, remember the love has been on the line for two years, the size of the company by a team of 5 people to more than and 30 people, the office space from 50 square meters, 100 square meters to 400 square meters, 10 million A round of financing Jiayuan has arrived, in front of the 90 big boys can not help people erected a thumb.


so, the 92 years of the guy in the end is how to make this small software to attract love remember ten million investment in the


user pain points: private share feelings, let the couple have a tacit understanding of each other

talk about the inspiration of love, pay Xiao dragon is very grateful to his girlfriend. Fu Xiaolong and his girlfriend, fellow student at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, because the same interest Association — "ice rock workshop" fell in love, because pay dragons and his girlfriend in a school, and a live a live Zi song, Qin yuan, two people meet when little, belong to the campus the "long-distance relationship". There are several times, write code to fully and delightfully when his girlfriend suddenly send information to pay, dragons did not care to wait until the last information, time has passed for several hours, his girlfriend often loses his temper. At once he was very distressed: personal space and two of the world, how to reconcile? If you can do a APP, each can see each other the new mood, state, not only promote feelings, is one of the best memories of love. "We want to ensure personal space while creating a better two person space." Fu Xiaolong said, at that time he thought: if there is a drop of only two people belong to share software, can let two people know each other at this time in what what to do, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary quarrel, also can better promote the feelings of two people.

June 2012, ice rock workshop in a chat between team members, to pay the dragons want to do the idea of lovers APP won numerous praise". Since the second half of the year, pay dragons began to do a lot of market research. He and can come into contact with nearly a hundred students, friends, get the feedback is surprisingly consistent: lovers share soft

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