Bizarre entrepreneurial story 6 thousand to 6 million change ()

we have heard too many business stories, listening to the experiences of others are always thinking of themselves, being the story of deep infection, her success is undoubtedly her efforts, she often said: "my experience is my greatest wealth in this life." Let us pay close attention to the legend of the story of working women entrepreneurs.

three months after his father came to pick me up, see I hold my tears tears tell of their own: after you left, I dream about you every day, I how so cruel, you gave others ah, which in the end is what kind of sin I made ah, I go home and I’m 5 years old.

from my time, I often see father eyes too much frustration, then, really want to share everything for him. My sister studies very hard, very sensible, every time she comes back from school, are rushing to work, I am 5 years old with his father to the field, by the time I was 11, I played the rice harvest, the family 4 acres of land, to the harvest season, is a person I stepped on the threshing machine, beside my dad helped me pass Wo, then two people together millet moved back home. Sister is also very good, high school for two years admitted to the normal university. The elder sister admitted to the University, father feel better days to come, I for sister University, is the great people to do is pull down, father saw me doing things really like adults so one thing, although distressed, but still very happy, I often say this clever daughter is clever, is not love reading, but I do not love reading, but see home so hard, just want to share a little earlier to help his father, his hands were not easy, I became the father of right and left to rely on, I can not do live he will try his best to do his work.

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