Chen Guangzhi returned home to do poineering work jujube factory can overcome any difficulty

home business, a very hard, but can feel the warmth and happiness of words. Small grassroots entrepreneurs who set a lifetime may be only once the determination to start a difficult entrepreneurial process.

"I said let you go to the supermarket to do a port on the line, you must not be so frustrating." After listening to the reporter and Chen Guangzhi’s conversation, Chen Guangzhi’s wife, said, said: "Mr. Li Airong. For his wife, Chen Guangzhi just a faint smile. He said he was all year round, the elderly and children are a person to take care of his wife. Now set up factories, or wife silently support, though words sometimes very red, but two people together.

Chinese to his love of home business is unusual, with the trend of economic development, also can comfort away from home entrepreneurs homesickness. Rational and emotional solutions to the same one, which is to return home venture construction projects.

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