Zi Lian told everyone how to distinguish beauty skin poisoning spot

as our life is getting better and better, our demand for beauty has been increasing. Want to be more beautiful for the protection of the skin is very important. So, choose to join the beauty market, is a very good choice!

brand cosmetics every kind of more dazzling, whitening, moisturizing, moisturizing, freckle…… although a lot of cosmetics has landscaping features, but don’t forget, it is quietly damage your health skin matrix. According to authoritative statistics, currently more than 70% cosmetics lead, mercury, hormones, benzene, pigment and other carcinogens! And thousands of toxins, shocking.

market in the is extremely hot, quick freckle cream, quick whitening cream is the skin lead and mercury hardest hit, toxins and even more than ten thousand times!

a lot of make-up products, skin care products contain a lot of metal ingredients. Although the role of light absorption, the use of a long time is easy to cause the skin black group. In addition, some people do not know these products are very easy to degenerate at high temperatures, the use of products after the deterioration of the skin will itch, a light will stain!

cosmetics lead to heavy metal poisoning, lead to neurasthenia, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, pigmentation, pain, constipation, anemia, lead and mercury exceed the standard, resulting in the skin becomes dark grey, face skin black, hard stretch, eyebrows, forehead, neck long spot.

below, tell you how to distinguish beauty Lian Zi skin poisoning spot?

a, mild performance:

color is dark, dull, uneven water and oil, some oil, some dry hair, do some beauty care is invalid, white face, red, or pale, some skin hair grey feeling, out from the pores, no makeup doesn’t work, the skin condition is very poor, but no obvious spot or small pox rash.

two, moderate performance:

skin color is dark, dull, long spot are especially zygomatic part from the cheeks and chin brow, the most deep and serious, mercury spot color grey black, dark gray skin, the stratum corneum increased, area to see than the average spot many, some like a birthmark that together, basking in the sun the deep and long play fast and loose any drug or skin care products, cleaning effect and long lasting.

three, severe performance:

local hair growth, density, skin redness, skin rash or acne, feel like a banknote paper, what are allergies, skin looking >

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