China made 2025 Changzhou action platform to promote urban development

The development of

in each city are needed to develop some good strategic objectives, at the same time, a good strategy will lead to rapid development of society and economy in Changzhou recently, China proposed the slogan China manufacturing 2025.

"deepen" three-in-one "development strategy of the municipal government to implement the" 2025 China manufacturing "Changzhou action plan" before the official release, this is the first time in the city of Changzhou from a strategic level draw construction blueprint manufacturing city, is also the first release in the province cities.

The total target

intelligent equipment: including advanced rail transportation equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, electrical equipment, agricultural equipment, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, engineering machinery, aerospace equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, textile machinery, equipment and key parts.

The field of

The field of

In fact, for the

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