Henan Puyang electronic chemicals industry strong concern

with the continuous development of science and technology, in the current market, the rapid development of electronic industry, the most prominent than Henan Puyang electronic chemical industry. Each two pieces of domestic manufacturing high-end lithium battery, there is a need to use N- methylpyrrolidone materials Puyang chemical Limited by Share Ltd Maiqi production in Henan province; Puyang chemical Limited by Share Ltd and march across the road from the Puyang Huicheng electronic materials Limited by Share Ltd mainly produces electronic packaging materials, is currently the largest domestic production and the most complete maleic anhydride derivatives production enterprises,

in the 2016 national electronic chemicals industry development forum held on the day before, Henan Puyang electronic chemical industry has been concerned with national and global industry. The key is that we have the basis of the development of electronic chemicals industry in Puyang, we have to seize the opportunity to enlarge the cake as soon as possible." The 2016 National Electronic Chemicals Industry Development Forum "heat" has not yet dispersed, Puyang March chemical Limited by Share Ltd responsible for busy organize related personnel to discuss the next step, the key research direction.

electronic chemicals, also known as electronic and chemical materials, is the electronics industry supporting fine chemical materials, experts as the "fine chemical crown of the pearl". In fact, the development of electronic chemicals industry, Puyang really has a thick day conditions.

as a build because of oil, because oil and Xing City, Puyang is determined by the State Petrochemical, coal chemical and salt chemical industry "three integration link demonstration area, with Zhongyuan Oilfield, Zhongyuan ethylene, Zhongyuan Dahua, above scale petrochemical enterprises 241, is currently the national chemical industry base and chemical industry the development of new material base, through the construction of new chemical base of 60 square kilometers planning, vigorously develop new chemical materials industry, which provides the rest of There is nothing comparable to this basic raw materials for development of electronic chemicals industry.

station in electronic chemicals industry "outlet", Puyang city is not the wind, from the domestic industry leader "borrow", and invited experts in the field of electronic chemicals industry and enterprises in the contest, and strive to a high starting point, high level to promote industrial development.

a time to protect the electronic grade and structure glue, electronic grade special ink as the main product of Fuji Yasumasahito special materials Industrial Park located in the city; the Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry as the basis, the main production of UHMWPE products Henan Watson high chemical technology limited company in our city pitch camp…… Puyang, with its own unique advantages, attracting all kinds of electronic chemical companies to invest in.

as the main battlefield of the development of electronic chemicals industry in Puyang, the development zone closely around the "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing," the five development ideas, aimed at the development of electronic chemicals industry

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