Staff management we need to show a little

staff management for the current business market is also a very important thing, as the owner, also need to learn the relevant work of good management, this will help the long-term development of the store. If your store size, there are several men attend the clerk, I think you should be a little generous, open up a little, don’t buckle Haloxylon, sesame seeds big things in mind. This is not good, not suitable for business.

managers and managers, is a contradiction. If in the old society, this is the two class ah. The operator is the boss, the clerk’s hard work to create value for the boss, if the boss does not give employees the benefits, the contradiction arises. Foreign large supermarket clerk strike, domestic hacked boss, this is nothing new?

this is not a good deal with the consequences of conflict, mutual benefit in order to win. Win, here is a win-win situation, we need to win. Can not win cooperation is not long, can not win the organization is no cohesion. As operators, to seek more benefits for the clerk. You make money, you have to think of the efforts of the staff to create value for you to get the wealth.

is now a lot of shopkeepers can not be a good relationship with the staff, because it is always felt that their employees are hired, pay their own wages, it is necessary to listen to their own. In fact, we want to have a grateful attitude towards the clerk, without their hard work without you today. If you want to do so, do you think there is no contradiction to solve it?

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