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in the continuous improvement of our living standards, our quality of life is constantly increasing demand. So, the small business choice to enter the mother and baby market? Join Yuesao work, business must be good business, no worries! Yuesao training class to join, trustworthy!

training Yuesao Market Outlook: Yuesao training adapted to the needs of society, but also to meet the majority of people want to participate in the training Yuesao desire, nowadays many young couples will not have children, don’t change diapers, baby nail scissors to sneeze, frightened flustered…… More and more mothers to join the ranks of learning Yuesao, even men also enroll in this training class. Some young couple too Yuesao too expensive allow grandmother, prospective mother go to the training class is not fresh. Quasi grandmother Huang aunt: anyway, I am busy at home and have nothing to do, to learn things, and later with the child, young people will not always say that we are lagging behind the concept of the elderly.

are a lot of elderly people to take better care of their grandchildren, are added to the similar Yuesao training class. Some schools also specifically for the characteristics of these older students, according to their different personality set up courses. The 57 year old Ms. Han is in that her daughter-in-law pregnant three months after enrollment in Yuesao training, after a short training, make her understand some of the more scientific and rational way to take care of the children. Ms. Han said, now Yuesao is not easy, not to mention the old people’s idea of transformation is very important to care more scientific, often charge, take care of the next generation is more handy. Ms. Han said that her daughter Wu saw his initiative to participate in the training, but also very touched, the family relationship is more harmonious. Grandmother, mother to be quasi learning Yuesao training courses, plus their own past experience with children, responsibility + professional knowledge in one, plus security, for the average family, is a good choice.

investment budget and profit model: rent a classroom, at least 30 square meters, used for training; reception room of a minimum of 10 square meters. About three thousand yuan. To make use of their own site the best, do not spend. Used at least ten sets of chairs, about $one thousand. A total investment of about 1000-4000 yuan. Can be divided into the morning, afternoon, night training. Graduate students can work in the local market, but also to Beijing and other major cities in the domestic companies to do labor export. Operators can earn vocational skills training fees 150-260 yuan, the employer and nanny of the introduction fee 30-50 yuan. In a small city at least annually (various nannies do housework, infant care, patient care beds, care for the elderly) 1000 year run calculation, earn 8-15 million yuan. If the labor export to the big cities, each person can receive 100 yuan fee, the profit is more impressive.

How about the

investment Yuesao training class? The best choice for small business. If you join to Yuesao training course project, is also very.

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