Why Hongkong entrepreneurial environment is poor Let’s start with the theory of entrepreneurial geog

lead: in China, entrepreneurs and investors from all sides come together to the north, the deep and three city, the huge city covers all areas of entrepreneurship, whether it is the normalized entertainment, or has cooled O2O, there is no escape. Highly centralized entrepreneurial center, it seems that the domestic small cities in other cities continue to reduce entrepreneurial opportunities.


in overseas, this situation is also prevalent? In the traditional and modern continuous collision and integration of the European continent, entrepreneurs are gathered into the way in which fall? Business trends in how to change? And in a borderless business environment concept, what are they doing?

technology in Shenzhen Futian temple, we invited to London before TechStars’s mentor, Tech City HK Tak is currently consulting Lo, the difference of entrepreneurial environment and cause of formation of Chinese contemporary, discussion and exchange between Chinese and foreign investors, see, will impact what kind of spark.


G = FellowPlus CEO, Guo Yingzhe, served in the "first Economy & Finance Weekly", "entrepreneurs" and other well-known media, after leading the largest domestic partners, "O2O beauty community more beautiful" angel round of financing.

T = Lo Tak, former TechStars London tutor, incumbent Tech City HK consultant. TechStars is the world’s second largest incubator, was founded in 2007, its use of the tutorial system is very well-known, had hatched SendGrid, Occipital, Orbotix, CrowdTwist and OnSwipe and other enterprises.

Bank of England and Sweden game

regional entrepreneurship in Europe


G: we often understand from TechCrunch and VentureBeat, to the Silicon Valley technology venture things, but rarely see the relevant information technology business in London, I would like to ask Tak, in London. What is the status of the whole venture


T: I don’t think anyone has heard much about entrepreneurship in London, because Europeans are generally "quiet". The British born love self deprecating; for one thing, my American friends told me that "great", but the European friends may say "too bad" and "you could have done better" or "do not you think so good", this is the European culture. So, it’s not hard to understand why we rarely hear about entrepreneurship in europe.

but I think the entrepreneurial culture has been changed, now the Europeans are more open, they are increasingly aware of the importance of "voice", will start to do public relations, try to get more customers to spend less.

Europe also has a lot of great

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