The torch ten brands list – the whole

flashlight industry market prospects, in the dark night, a good flashlight for people to be able to guide the direction, so that more people travel safety, the continuous development of market driven flashlight, flashlight business agent is very good, a lot of entrepreneurs in the face of the flashlight brand do not know how to choose, the whole will introduce the torch ten brands list.


2.DP long time


Fenix (Feinikesi) brand flashlight is the domestic first-line outdoor lighting brand, under the Shenzhen langheng Electronic Co., Ltd., Fenix L1 series flashlight also has the epoch-making significance is that since listing, it opens up a new era of single AA flashlight is a high quality, high brightness, it is the first time success the small, bright and low use cost together, the first time that a single AA flashlight really brighten up people’s eyes.

4. guest TANK007

5.GP super

GP super International Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in the distribution of batteries and battery related products, development and production, has developed rapidly since its inception, is currently the world’s consumer batteries and rechargeable batteries, one of the main suppliers, ten flashlight brand, leading brand, one of the world’s ten largest battery manufacturer, Asia’s largest battery manufacturer, large listed company.

6. standard

> the China and the world

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