Class clothes to do business for half a year Nuggets 200 thousand

student age, the children in order to school uniforms in the end whether the issue of fashion can be debated for a long time, contemporary students precocious, fashion also has its own understanding, so the design of personalized clothing market.

6 in

Laopan, small Lei, Jane, Chen, Xiao Zheng and white, 6 people began to try to make the class service start from the high school, quite well known in Guangzhou secondary schools, but that business is "not to make money only for money to buy their own bad temper."

class service supply design personality

Responsible for the overall process of

for the same grade promotional game

was inspired by a hit TV shopping advertising, "UNIONFORCE studio" and also love the filming of DV students cooperation, produced a "copycat version of TV shopping ads, do brand promotion is" UNIONFORCE studio ".


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