Transformation of the traditional garment industry O2O, where is the road


mobile Internet, the traditional garment industry originally in the electricity supplier and the clothing brand impact, also began to test the waters of O2O, in an attempt to win a space for one person, for consumers, good experience is not only able to buy high quality and inexpensive clothing, also can better keep shopping experience. So for the traditional clothing industry, how to transform the O2O to seek survival?


line to the line diversion: this mode by the stores as the core, the release of new products through online or offline customers to send coupons, try to shop, in order to stimulate the desire to buy customers, for the line diversion. For example, UNIQLO, GAP. So how to UNIQLO is for the line diversion of the


first, currently on the market’s APP downloads about 3 million, through continuous promotion and marketing to achieve the purpose of promotion of APP; secondly, it through the APP online payment coupons, but only for offline use; in addition, it is good at using the product segment and time segment strategy, namely through specific products discount, online and offline using different time discount to attract customers to the store; at the same time open UNIQLO positioning services, namely customer by finding the nearest shops, and other commodities, through the navigation to find shops with routes; and with WeChat, micro-blog and other channels through complementary to the line, in order to increase passenger flow; at the same time, it through big data monitoring to the pricing of products, such as special offer processing through the limit price promotions and unsalable goods, to store diversion; finally, through It is also a good way to enhance the interaction through appropriate entertainment, whether through popular games or with interactive.

said: "the crazy circle of friends recently in Beijing Sanlitun UNIQLO fire", it does make a big UNIQLO a fire! No matter whether this is the UNIQLO brand marketing occasion, but as a light fashion benchmark brand, the resulting publicity really start to once again illustrates the importance of the event marketing! The importance of the importance of important!!! Say three times.

offline to online guide: as the name suggests, this pattern is the customer guide line to the next line, through brand communication, release and other means to attract fans of online shopping, such as Gloria, the user will develop into micro Amoy platform of O2O, and send the information recommendation, collocation, guide users on the micro Amoy after then, click on the micro Amoy recommended Tmall APP shop link, indirect transaction.

in addition, there are many shops are doing scan code attention to WeChat or download the APP stores to enjoy discount promotions, for this kind of marketing mode, users often do, for them, you only need to download APP or sweep the two-dimensional code can get the store discounts, especially some high-end brands, to users. On the one hand, the online store to buy clothes, or in the original discount intensity is not going to buy online shopping, significantly cheaper, they are more likely to bring the store as a "room", on the other hand, there are risks of online shopping, they essentially.

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